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Destroy the alien swarms that are threatening the Solar System!
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Sol is a freeware video game for Windows (Vista, XP, ME, 2000) and Linux.
Sol's entry in the 2007 Independent Games Festival


1. How do I install and run Sol on Windows?

Download the SOL Installer. Run the installer and click the Install button. A shortcut to Sol will be placed on your desktop. Double click the shortcut to run Sol.

2. How do I install and run Sol on Linux?

Sol runs on Linux+XWindows, but I haven't provided Linux binaries since I build on x86-64 Linux which is incompatible with many Linux systems. If you're interested in building Sol on your Linux system,
email me.

3. How do I uninstall Sol?

Delete the Sol installation directory, usually C:\Program Files\Sol. Delete the Sol shortcut from the desktop.

4. How do I make Sol use a different screen size?

To customize Sol's video settings, create a text file named sol.ini in the Sol installation dir, with the contents:


Sol uses video settings from sol.ini if this file is found on launch. Whether a particular configuration will work depends on what modes your video card and display support.

5. Will Sol's source code be released?

A later version of Sol may be released as shareware or commercial software, so it will not be open sourced at this time. Now it is ad-supported freeware.

6. How was Sol developed?

Sol is a cross platform C++ application using a custom OpenGL-based 3D game engine. On Windows, it is built on GNU Cygwin and the Win32 API to avoid dependencies on Windows DLLs. Sol contains custom code for celestial motion, atmospheric effects, temporal events, 3D collision detection, and AI.

7. What are Sol's license terms?

Sol is freeware which individuals are free to install and run for personal use, with no warranty of functionality or usability for any particular purpose. Sol is Copyright (c) 2008 by Paul Hamill and may not be marketed, distributed or sold without the author's permission. See the file License.txt installed with Sol for detailed license terms.

8. What is Sol's privacy policy?

Sol neither collects information about a user nor makes an Internet connection.

9. Is Sol a virus or malware? Will installing it mess up my computer?

No. Sol does not modify system files or run malicious code. It does not change any of your Windows settings.

Sol is certified clean of adware and spyware by Softpedia:

Sol - Free Game Download for Windows
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