Fanspray Screensaver Source Code

The Fanspray screensaver is free, open source code. The attachment at the bottom of this post contains the source code. It builds on Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.

Building Fanspray on Windows requires Cygwin, which is a set of GNU tools for Windows. To build Fanspray, open a Cygwin console, change to the fanspray source directory, and run 'make'. This builds fanspray.scr, the screensaver executable. To install, simply copy this to the Windows system directory where the other .scr files are found (e.g. C:\Windows\System32.) Set up Fanspray using the standard Windows screensaver configuration window (accessed via the desktop right-click menu). You can also run fanspray.scr as a regular executable directly from the build directory.

To build Fanspray on Linux, first replace the top-level Makefile with unix/Makefile.unix, then run 'make'. Depending on your Linux configuration the Makefile's LIBDIR or LIBS may need to be changed. This builds fanspray as a X11 application. Setting it up as a system-invoked screensaver is up to you. (If you know a standard way of doing this please let me know so I can add this to the build system.)

To install Fanspray on Windows without having to build it, just download the Windows installer here.

License: This code is published in the public domain as free, open source code, without copyright or restrictions on usage or modification, except that you agree to credit Paul Hamill as the original author and link this page with any redistribution of Fanspray. There is no guarantee of functionality or suitability for any particular purpose.

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